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Élodie Robillard, Nutritionist-Dietitian

Élodie Robillard


My Background

Nutritionist-Dietitian Title: Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition from Laval University in 2021 and a member of the Quebec Professional Order of Dietitians-Nutritionists (ODNQ)

My Passion for Nutrition

I am a nutritionist who is passionate about the power of food in all aspects of our lives. Beyond physical health, food has a tremendous impact on our mental health, emotions, energy, as well as on our social relationships and culture.


Sports Nutrition

Being an athlete at heart since my early years, sports nutrition is my forte.

Other Areas of Expertise

I also specialize in weight loss, digestive issues, and food relationship disorders.

Motivations and Values

My Goal

What drives me is helping people reach their full potential in terms of energy, health, well-being, and performance. I help individuals grow and achieve their goals, making my work a passion.

Enjoyment and Realism

For me, eating is first and foremost about pleasure. It is possible and much more realistic to reach your goals by consuming foods that YOU enjoy, without strict diets. All foods have a place; none are off-limits.

Support and Guidance

Changing Habits

Changing habits is not easy and takes TIME. I am here to support and guide my clients through this process at their own pace and with kindness.

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